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Tulgeywood Labradors

Joan McInnis
We got our first Labrador Retriever in 1964. Our dog hobby started in earnest in 1988 when the McInnis sons were in college. Since then we have joined the ranks of the "dog addicted" and have some wonderful Labradors. We show our Labradors in conformation, obedience and tracking.

My good friend, Joan Burroughs, has a beautiful litter of Fox Red (shade of yellow) puppies. You can call Joan at 908 670-1947


Tulgeywood's Tweevers

Tulgeywood's Hotshot - "Webster"


Blacksands & Tulgeywood Happy Bottom - "Gladys"

Ch. Black Sand Tiny Bubbles to Tulgeywood - "Abby"

Tulgeywood's Love Her Madly - "Maddie"

Tulgeywood Lily

Tulgeywood Midnight Scandal - "Olivia"

Tulgeywood Valkyrie - "Myst"

Tulgeywood's Norn - "Kara"

Tulgeywood Labs with others

Tulgeywood's Juno

Tulgeywood's Odin

Grand Ch. Tulgeywood's Victoria

Ch. Tulgeywoods Sky Blue & Black @ Fox Hedge

Tulgeywoods Irish Eyes @ Fox Hedge

CT Tulgeywood's Man In Black

From the Past

Tulgeywood's Bebete

Tulgeywood's Casablanca

Ch. Tulgeywood's Black Chancery, WC

Tulgeywood's Calloh! Callay!

Blacksands & Tulgeywood Happy Bottom

Tulgeywood's Gentle Popinjay

Tulgeywood's Magic Locket Key to Serenity

Tulgeywood's Mystical

Amer. Can. Ch. Tulgeywood's Whimsy

Tulgeywoods Will-O-The-Wisp

Tulgeywood's Caxton

Tulgeywood's Talon

Our name, Tulgeywood, is taken from Lewis Carroll's charming nonsense poem, Jabberwocky.

If you remember the story of Alice in Wonderland, you may recognize the poem.
To read the poem,
click here.


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